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Helpful Cleaning Tips from New Jersey Rug Cleaner

Looking for some help with the stains and messes scattered in your house? Follow these easy tips to keep your home looking great.

Secret Household Weapons: Keep tough stains from setting in by keeping baking soda, club soda, mild soaps, vinegar and salt stocked in your home. These simple and easy ingredients fight off most offensive stains and dirt. They act fast and prevent severe and permanent damage in your rug, carpet and upholstery.

Vacuum Frequently: Did you know that most damages in your rug, carpet and upholstery come from excess dirt and dust on the surface of your pieces? Frequent vacuuming removes all problems and keep your home safer and cleaner for longer. Try to vacuum at least three times of week.

ACT Fast: After a spill happens, act quickly by blotting and absorbing the liquid. Never rub a liquid spill as it causes the spill to spread. Try to stop the spill before it stains.

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